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Here are just a few reasons your customers will want to buy The Price of Perfect : A Novel 

  • The novel addresses one of the hottest subjects in America and the most explosive, the subject of race.
  • This is a novel for our times that fairly presents both side of the contentious issue and invites conversation about it.
  • A second, overarching subject is that of how does one stand up for their beliefs in a country that is angrily split over what your beliefs are. And you can lose your job and friends for how you stand on various issues.
  • The novel shows the price that the main character, any of us, might have to pay by fighting for what he believes in against our powerful social media.
  • Based in Atlanta, the story has both a southern flavor but a universal appeal.

William Anderson, author

Publisher: Publish Authority


America is split today over a number of hotly contested social and cultural issues. Most prominent of those is race. The issue itself and how we deal with its anguish and anger, forms the basis for this novel.