William, nicknamed “Dub”, was born in Athens, Ga. He received his ABJ degree in Journalism at the University of Georgia and Masters in Marketing also from UGA. Dub started his writing career at Vogue Magazine. He went from there to become a copywriter for several advertising agencies. Over the next several years, he founded three ad agencies of his own where he was the Creative Director and Senior Writer.

Dub’s first book was The Wild Man From Sugar Creek, a biography of notorious Georgia governor Eugene Talmadge. It became one of the definitive histories of southern politics in the 1930’s.

His first novel, God’s Arm was a historical fiction imagining Jesus as a man, searching for and finding His destiny. It was heavily researched as to what life in Jesus’s day was like, and how His ministry was partially formed by that harsh world of Roman rule.

Jesus at 65 is Dub’s second novel, placed in Atlanta in contemporary times, it’s about two golfers searching for the meaning of life as one of the men is dying. The main character goes on an urgent search to find, in his mind, if Jesus was Christ or is this a life without purpose? His conclusion was life changing.

All of his works are based on people’s lives in transitions not of their making but caused by larger events. How we react to forces we can’t control is a recurring theme.